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Your shopping & gifting assistant

Capture and share stuff you love, set reminders, Pleez others or yourself

``Photos, notes, mail... I keep my ideas everywhere and nowhere!``
Save all you wishes from e-shops or in stores
Capture all your ideas and arrange them in lists to find them back easily when you need them. No more messes! ✨
``The look on his face when she opened my gift... HELP``
Find THE gift she really wants on her profile
No gift ideas ? Explore your friends' profile to discover what would really Pleez them, and show them your wishes too
``Pff this closet... I really need new clothes``
Discover awesome new ideas to Pleez others or yourself
Explore our inspiration catalog powered by the best brands and influencers, and get inspired daily!
``The concert of Beyonce? Already sold out...``
Plan all your Pleez projects, never miss a thing!
Don't let your awesome ideas fly away: set reminders to your captures to remember them at the right time🗓 Awesome, right?
They tested it... and loved it!

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