So you want super powers too ?

Hola it’s Lola !

I don’t know you, but I am a life lover ! 

Every day I flip over so many great things, trips I want to make, books I want to read, little wonders for my house or just great stuff to wear !

The trouble is, my days are very busy, I have little time to spend on myself and if I don’t grab the idea on the spot I just forget about it, so frustrating !

Well, not anymore ! Soon with PleezMee it’s gonna be too easy ! This beautiful bag I see in a shop ? It’s one photo, some comments to add and one clic saves it in PleezMee ! Call me Super memory !

Here is my latest discovery, what do you think ? … And if my sweetheart wants to know how the PleezMee, he’ll know where to look ! 🙂

Our Beta version is baking …. stay tuned for more news ! 

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