How to become The King of Gifts

Hi, I’m Greg!

I’m new in here, especially in the shopping world: I’ve always thought of it as a punishment for something I did in my past life 🙂  But it’s going to change with this cool app called Pleezmee.

My friend Arnaud from PleezMee told me about it. He knows I can never figure out what to give to my girlfriend as a present for her birthday and makes fun of me!

He told me how PleezMee is going to save me from headaches. I’ll just have to look at my girlfriend profile. Look through her captures and saved links and… Bingo!

Thanks to my mate I’ll be the best boyfriend ever!

Will tell my brother and all my friends as soon as I have it!

And you, wouldn’t you like to treat your special ones with the present of their dreams … ? Stay Tuned, PleezMee is on it’s way …

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