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Hello Pleezers !

Building an App involves a permanent dialog with your users to find the right tools, user friendly design, and make functions as clear as possible …

Last week we did it again ! We organized a focus group in Namur with great testers at a yummy yummy place, the Cup’inn (we warmly recommend them, go and visit their boutique if you pass by Namur).

We know that girls have a talent to find 1000 things they love when they do shopping, just ask their man ! Well, PleezMee was invented to help them remember their favorite findings and this is why the concept is already so popular !

According to our dear testers, capturing ideas to remember them, finding the ideal present thanks to PleezMee’s personal profile and getting inspired by the community are PleezMee key elements. This is why our testers are so impatient to use the app when it will be available.

During the test, Celia told us : “PleezMee will really be helpful for me to sort out the present nightmare. It always takes me a lot of time to buy presents for my friends because I have no idea about what will please them”. Thanks to PleezMee, she will check her friend Sylive’s profile to find the present of her dreams !

Billie also pointed out : “when preparing Paulin’es birthday, it will be great to create a conversation in PleezMee around her wishlist,  so we can easily decide what present to buy for her”.

At the end of the test, all the girls agreed that organizing your captures in lists is soooo cool : “no more mess in our heads !”.

So … If you would like to have this App to help you remember the things you love, and discover what present will delight your loved ones, hold on a bit, PleezMee is on it’s way to make your life easy !

Don’t forget to register to our beta testers list if you want to be among the first ones to discover the App.

In the meanwhile, follow us on Facebook and Instagram … and have a great day ! 

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