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Hello !

 It’s been a while since last time, we were sooo busy we didn’t see time flying !

These last weeks, keyboards were on fire at PleezMee ! We tested … and tested … and tested again the App, found quite a few bugs (hey, that’s developer’s life), and fixed many of them.

We also organized two focus groups with twenty great testers (mainly girls in fact) who gave us loads of very useful feedback. What was it about?

Well, first of all, they all love the concept, yeahhh…

Then, we identified many opportunities of improvement, simplify the design, make tutorials to explain functionalities, change some icons … and still a few bugs to fix.

So, we have on our plate a nice bunch of things to work on, and believe us, we work very hard on it to deliver the App you deserve. So, we’ll proceed by priorities, first finish to fix bugs, then improve the design and add some new functionalities.

All in all, we hope to release ou Beta for the holidays – wouldn’t it be nice to have it to help us with Christmas presents?

So stay tuned, we’ll keep you informed … and till then, follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

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